Anna Herrick

Michigan, United States

I was born in Germany and adopted by a military couple there. I now have lost the family who adopted me untimely deaths. I am a naturalized LEGAL Citizen of the USA and I have a brother, sister, and cousins in Germany. Throw in a family in Mallorca Spain and friends from northern to southern Europe and I am a luckey lady. I buy a plane ticket and have a place to stay. Sleep through the ride over if I can and always have a place to stay. I have a full passport and love my friends and family overseas. I also have an MLM family oversease that has taken off very quickly in the Nethrlands and will need to go back to make sure they are doing well. I have a Green TSA Check with the airlines which makes security a breeze. I love my European family and learnign new languages. Also selling cosmetic creams that take years off you and an instant skin tightener called Instantly Ageless has shoved us to the top!!! I am a nurse as well but with the changes in medicine I'd rather care for people than paperwork. Being an RN is okay but they took the care out out medicine in America and am thinking maybe a change to MLM marketing which is what is making me richer than I have ever been is making people happy and making them feel better in a good way as they earn while they grow younger. It is well worth it to me and those I love.

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