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Well I'm Anna and I'm 55yrs old, I have two children who are 19 and 29, the love of my life, I'm a type of person who likes to have fun, And let me clear this up when I say I like to have fun. I mean going out and doing things with my love one. I'm always having a smile on my face even if I'm not in that type of mood, I still do. I like to dance and go fishing and see nature, I love to travel and see different places, and I always say I would love to do more site seeing and travel over the waters and meet new people all over the world. I hope one day this will come true for me. and one more thing.....I would love to have money to help out other people who really do need it. One day this dream of mines will come true. Ok that's a little about me, and if you have any questions...please fill free to ask me as long as they are respectful questions.