Anna & Marcel



was born in St. Petersburg, Russia.

She studied the profession of puppet theatre acting at the St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy.

Anna works currently as actress in a childrens theatre, in addition she is working as entertainer for childrens birthday parties in and around St. Petersburg.



was born in the state Saarland, in Germany.

He studied first General Mechanical Engineering (Dipl. Ing (FH)) and than next to the job he studied Master of Business Engineering (MBEng.).

Marcel is currently working in the automobil industry as Platform Engineering Manager.

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in June 2013 we met in St. Petersburg, stayed in contact and since then our journey together begun (more info see below).

On 11th of September 2014 we celebrated our wedding in St. Petersburg.

Since then our journey as family begun :)

Our traveling history so far :)

Krakow, Poland in Aug. 2013

Praque, Czech Republik in Sep. 2013

Milan, Italy in Sep. 2013

FR, M, BS, WO, B, Germany in Sep. & Oct. 2013

Helsinki, Finnland in Nov. 2013,

Riga, Latvia in Nov. 2013

Celebrated NYE 2014 in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. P., Russia in Jan. Feb. Apr. May Jun. Sep. & Oct 2014

BS, FR, TR Germany in Mar Jul & Aug 2014

Moscow, Russia May 2014

Luxemburg, Jul 2014

Tallinn & Pärnu, Estland Sep 2014

Our planed destinations for near future are:

China Dec. 2014

Cuba end of 2014

China tbd.

Thailand tbd.

Malaysia tbd.

Cambodia tbd.

Vietnam tbd.

Laos tbd.

Buthan tbd.

Australia tbd.

New Zealand tbd.

Mexico tbd.

Argentina tbd.

Canada tbd.


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