Anna Azerli

Beverly Hills, California

Anna Azerli – the new queen of Hollywood There is little doubt that Anna Azerli is one of the most beautiful women in the glamorous world of Hollywood today. She radiates exotic beauty and men as well as women who meet her can feel the power of her natural erotic appeal. Like a well known Hollywood newspaper wrote: „All those great Hollywood actresses like Angelina Jolie, Monica Belucci, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez and Sharon Stone together only have five percent of the sex appeal of Anna Azerli“. Her tens of thousands of fans all over the globe would surely agree. Anna is amazing, alluring and even a bit anarchic…but she is not just a beautiful face - she also has an amazing singing voice and she is a natural in front of the camera. The stuff dreams are made off - what more can you want? Anna is the modern pin-up girl par excellence. She strides in the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe, Claudia Cardinale, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot. Her elegance and grace bring up images of those alluring Hollywood queens of the Golden Age of Tinseltown. Anna doesn’t shy away from glamour like so many other stars in the movie business these days. She embraces glamour. She is the living embodiment of allure, style and seduction. That doesn’t mean of course that the actress, model and singer of Italian descent who speaks Italian and English fluently only looks enticing in a designer evening dress. O no, she looks beautiful in whatever she wears, whether it’s black leather boots, short skirts and a pink V-neck jumper or a flowery summer dress. In her pictures Anna appears in many disguises - from elegant vamp, to sexy teenage queen or sophisticated lady. And she always oozes sex appeal. Anna loves wearing racy lingerie and straps when she is modelling as well as in her private life. Who could blame her? After all she is one of the modern queens of Hollywood and she loves looking sexy, stylish and seductive at all times not just when she is in front of the camera. Anna Azerli is an all-round talent in the true sense of the word. While most models and actresses only have one skill they can excel at (or none at all) and purely rely on their looks and their bodies Anna has it all. She sings, dances and presents herself relaxed and naturally in front of the camera. All that comes with an abundance of style and sophistication even when she shows naked skin. Anna is not simply taking her clothes off - she is giving the word erotic a new meaning. Erotic in today’s world is often m

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    • Universal Studios Hollywood