Anna Henson

North Carolina, United States

As you can tell I am an avid Hockey fan. I am a Penguin at heart but do pull for several other teams. (Just not when they play the Pens.) I am also a Charlotte Checkers fan, which leads me to pull for the Canes as well. #TeamBellemore. I am also a avid Redskins fan and yes I pull for the Steelers as well.

I have devoted my life to animal care and sometimes wonder if that was the best decision. For any one who is thinking about it please remember you arent doing it for the money. I have been a tech for almost 20 years and yes, most days I love it.

I currently work in non-profit, moslty with spay/neuter. I have doen nothing but that for 8 years. I want there to be a time where nothing dies in a shelter. Wouldnt that be great?

I also write short stories and have written two novels. I enjoy it but I am not very good at it. :)

I have a beautiful daughter that I would give anything for. She is the light of my life and more than I could ever ask for. How lucky am I...

I also share my house with two cats, Sake and Ouzo and a german shepherd named Sloan. They are all rescues and most days I wouldnt trade any of them.

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