Anna Landry

It’s probably the eccentric and vivacious lifestyle that has always kept me captivated. The people there will never cease to surprise you. Or maybe it’s the passion that can be found anywhere you turn. Sometimes I think it’s the determination and resilient nature that keeps me in awe. I mean who would have ever thought we would recover from such a devastating disaster and then win the Super Bowl? This city has shaped me and taught me in more ways than one. Indeed, New Orleans is a place that I am proud to call my home.

I’ve always loved to laugh no matter the occasion. I’m that zany girl who always wants to see the rest of the world happy even if it takes a ridiculous joke to get there. The street performers through Jackson Square are probably where I’ve gotten that personality trait. They love to kid around and watch people smile in return, no matter the price.

A second line parade is most likely the loudest and most insane idea to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. When you first meet me, you probably have the same impression. I love to chat and even let my wacky personality shine through.

My love for animals is probably the first thing those talkative tendencies would tell you. The love that I hold in my heart for furry critters is the same as that soulful strut that one hears coming from a jazz band’s saxophone. I’m as anxious to work around them as much as someone who needs a glass of water after eating a bowl of spicy jambalaya.

Despite my outgoing personality, I was scared to attend the University of Georgia. What I had previously become accustomed to for eighteen years of my life had simply “washed” away. Nevertheless, I became stronger with what I didn’t have and learned to make a new beginning for myself in Athens. I now flaunt my “New Orleanian” self in a place less traveled. In other words, I’ve learned to accept new challenges in unfamiliar places and to never give up no matter how many games I lose.