Anna Lenardson


When I turned 49, I vowed to lose 50 pounds by the time I turned 50. I began a blog 50×50 … don’t search it. I’ve deleted it. Fifty came and went (is going) and I didn’t lose any weight. There came a day when willpower was not enough and numbers on a scale defeated me. I couldn’t face it again, losing the same 20 pounds only to gain it back.

Then my good friend, Lauri, told me about Trim Healthy Mama. I read about it and something clicked. I’ve been successful on a similar eating plan before, but this one is even more to my liking. On July 9, 2014, I began my trim healthy journey, a journey that is not about the numbers on the scale, but the road to health, a journey on which I will studiously avoid comparing my results with anyone else’s.

Here is where I’ll journal my struggles and successes, post favorite recipes and recipe tweaks, and post encouraging words for others on the journey to healthful, energized living.

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