Anna Longhini

Hello and welcome to my personal page!

Here you find few words on me and on my current activities.

I've just finished my PhD in Political Science at Scuola Normal Superiore, in Firenze (Italy). There, I was awarded a three years scholarship from the Italian Ministry of Education (2012-2015) to carry out a project on foreign policy think tanks.

I specialized in public policy with a look at IR and political communication. The long-term focus of my research is on foreign policy think tanks and experts' relevance (if any!) within European national contexts. Recently, I published an article on FPTTs in Italy, you can have a look at it at:

I came across think tanks some years ago as an intern at a private think tank in Milan. Afterward, I become more and more interested in understanding the connections between usable knowledge and policy-makers. Previously, I worked as a business intelligence consultant and studied Public Administration at Bocconi University in Milan.

I've been involved in the campaign for the administrative election in May 2014 with a 'non-partisan list' in my municipality in the north of Italy. We even won it, so I've become a councilor in my town. But this is another story.