Hitachi 7000 Air Purifier

You're not likely to find a much quieter air cleaner thatdoes the job this one is designed to do (unless you want to pay a lot of moneyfor an inline system in your HVAC).

I use it in a large great room with very tall ceilings, andit seems to cycle the air through very well. I expected it to make a bit tomove that much air around. You're not likely to find a much quieter air cleanerthat does the job this one is designed to do (unless you want to pay a lot ofmoney for an inline system in your HVAC).

It has definitely reduced the dust level in our "greatroom". As other reviewers have noted, it is loud, even on the lowest fanspeed.

Our room is approx. 400 sq. ft. which we used to have to"air out" quite frequently. This hitachi airpurifier 7000 attacks the smoke with reckless abandon.

My night time asthma was so much better with this unit. Likeothers have said it is a bit loud but it's sort of a white noise that you getused to very quickly.

It isn't too loud on low and is not more noisy than a fan orair conditioner. We actually use it these days for the "white noise"when our baby is sleeping and we don't want the squeaky floor boards to wakehim. The light on top is just bright enough to see my baby in the crib duringthose nighttime feedings when I don't want to turn on a bright light.

It does a great job of removing fireplace smoke from theroom, however, it is noisy even on low.

Had it for a while now and I like it. Use it mostly whencooking or vacuuming to clear up odor and dust, As others have said, it's loudeven on the low setting so it's hard to have it on and watch tv.

I knew that this item was going to be a little bit biggerbut it is a bit of a beast lol. As I said previously, we run it in the basementbut can actually still here the humm from upstairs.

We use this in our new enclosed sunroom. It is fabulous!!

I'll admit I was skeptical with all the different brands andclaims that these Air Purifiers make, but this one lived up to them. Theauto-settings using the odor and dust sensors are spot on and always keep theunit running at where it needs to be.

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