Anna Velvet

coaching, HR, Dancing in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

I am vibrant UK/EU Fintech Recruiting Partner & Business English Coach. A Mom first of two beautiful young talented ladies (yes I am biased). I started my career as a mentor volunteering my time helping immigrants to settle in Vancouver BC.
I love coaching and I used my French language skills to train French professionals/executives English over the phone. I started in different sectors; Food Manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, IT and finally technology. Along with my legal studies I was able to use my knowledge and work experience to help executives from financial institutions work on developing their English skills and understanding of English culture through Finance. I have now taken on great interest in Fintech as it gives the SME a chance to develop their ideas and as well a voice from what was viewed as a dwindling class society. I am glad that I am keeping the movement going by posting update news and keeping people interested in their economy. I am also glad to be part of a community that feels that entrepreneurship in the best way forward to building back our communities financially and becoming more creative and competitive.

I am currently bringing skilled candidates to clients who specialize in this space and I am having fun!There are a great amount of posts dealing with Fintech news so check out my Twitter. I also invite you to check out our website for your staffing needs.

Looking forward to connecting and networking with you.

Have a great Fintech day!!

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