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Anna Allred

Student and Server in Athens, Georgia

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My name is Anna Allred and I have a little brother named Riley. My brother is a little miracle and my best friend. Riley and I are very close due to everything we have been through in life together. Riley at the age of eight months old was diagnosed with leukemia and had a 15% chance to live. In his lifetime he needed two bone marrow transplants, tons of chemotherapy, and full body radiation.

I, being his older sister by five years, was very lucky to be a 100% match for my brother, and I was able to donate my bone marrow to him. I, at the age of six years old and eight years old, went through the surgery necessary to give my brother what he needed. The first bone marrow transplant was unsuccessful, because Riley’s body rejected my bone marrow therefore calling for a successful second bone marrow transplant. The experience of saving my brother’s life and to have him in seven years remission has been the biggest miracle of all. One of the greatest things to come out of this life situation was that now me and Riley have the same DNA; so even though we are five years apart we are basically twins and closer than ever before.

  • Work
    • Fatz Cafe
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    • University of Georgia