Artist, Art Director, and Designer in São Paulo, Brazil

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Anna Anjos is a Brazilian freelance illustrator, working since 2008 for advertising, packaging, furniture, scenography, and fashion (apparel).

In September 2015, Anna has created Route of Colours, an artistic-cultural project which celebrates the human expression. People, places, productions, and habits of regions of the world through which Anna passes are translated into line and color and illustrated by this artist in her sketchbook. It was born from the fascination of this artist for human history and productions, the need to experience new cultures, and the curiosity to experience the colors of the world. The artist decided to travel to destinations that have always enchanted her, producing art througout the entire route. (Check out for more:

With a original style, Anna Anjos’ artistic, ingenious and irreverent audaciousness prevails. Mixing stylized elements, she extracts ludic themes to incorporate them into her creations and transport us to a unique space where colors play with shapes.

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    • MELIES | Escola de Cinema, 3D e Animação
    • Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo