Anna Aroca Seró

Social Media Manager, Writer, and Consultant in Barcelona, Espanya

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Masters in Communications & Marketing Management. Undergrad in Social and Virtual Communications. Political Analysis Masters.

I like to stay active in service management, and never stop learning.I have interest in managing and collaborating in online communities. I manage some personal and community blogs and associations. I also do social media collaborations. I like helping people and teaching people thing too.

I teach social, political and international communication.

Some of my passions: travel, science, language, reading & writing, education and politics.

I love technology and how it be used to connectpeople for a common good. I believe in the enduring goodness of the human spirit and that together we are stronger than we are alone. I lead groups of teamwork, and teach people how teamwork enhances staff, society and job.

I was born in Barcelona in 1968. I studied in Catalonia until I went to High School. At that point I moved to Oregon and started to get in touch with American culture. After graduating at Glendale High School I went to college where I learned to love journalism and discovered how different Catalan culture was (and is) from the Spanish one.

After finishing my degree in Education and Pedagogy I started my struggle for the rights and freedoms of my country. I also went to the Balearic Islands University to learn about Catalan language and culture (surprisingly I was taught in Spanish because Catalan was not permitted) despite Catalan always being the language of everyday use within my family. It was there that my passion for languages and communication started. Studying became a passion too: I was an unregistered student of Anthropology while, at the same time, studying Philology and working as a teacher. Finally I ended up specializing in communication skills used by human beings. I finished my Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication and continued my postgraduate studies in the field of Information Society and the new, emergent technologies.

My whole career has been concerned with communication, an area that I love. I took part in Obama's first campaign which brought me knowledge that would have been really difficult to learn in college and made me discover new aspects of communication.

I speak Catalan (my mother tongue, the language I use with my two kids, the language I love and in which I express my feelings), as well as Spanish and English.

  • Education
    • Oregon State University
    • University of Barcelona