Anna M Bartosik

ESL Professor | Instructional Designer | Writer in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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Four words define my professional role in education: technology, motivation, innovation, and collaboration.

As an ESL educator, my motivation stems from my students: what inspires them? What stimulates them? How do I personalize and make their learning meaningful within the framework of course requirements? What constitutes assessment?

As a colleague and facilitator, I cannot imagine working without my network of collaborators. Discussing and sharing ideas across multiple platforms allows me to keep an open mind to new approaches in the field of second language acquisition.

Technology assists me in pursuing my interests. This tool makes it possible to devise, create, adapt, assess, and reassess curriculum development and design. I also actively explore its role in the classroom. Cognitive learning theories and the role of motivation in acquiring a language within the framework of technology interest me. My experiences and reflections on this topic are iterative.

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