Annabel Arhin


I would like to start by saying that media has been a passion of mine for a long time. As a result I decided to study media, PR and advertising at Middlesex University. However, media has a lot of branches and at the beginning of my course I was not sure what paths to go down.Therefore during the summer I decided to do work experience in the U.S. all in the field of media. I had quite a few jobs like interviewing a high powered judge and the former mayor of Atlanta, working on camera operations in the WNBA and planning a red carpet event. I did tasks such as hiring specific staff for job roles, time manage, book the venue, design & hand out flyers, control ticket sales, advertise on social media and write and send out press release. From doing this job I was able to create and maintain long lasting professional relationships. These experiences allowed me to develop a love for working in media, whether that would be for TV, radio or the web. And now that I am back at university I am a part of a team that is creating a radio podcast, mini documentary and a blog for the national lottery fund on missing soldiers. This is to gain more experience in the media and production field. But more specifically I am keen to work with popular culture and current affairs.Overall, professional skills I have developed during university such as such as campaign planning and pitching, team work, self-management and time management, has given me a wealth of transferrable skills that correlate well with working at red bee media. As we know since digital media the landscape of media and how the audience view television has changed. Now all devices as converged into each other, meaning that a lot of viewers are not watching from the television.

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