Annabell Yi

Student in Georgia

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I often get asked if I could have any super power in the world, what would it be? My answer is pretty simple. I would want to fly. I would not want to fly like a bird flapping its wings, struggling against the wind. However, I would prefer to be able to fly like Superman with super speed, cutting through the air. One might ask, “why flying?” Well, as a mode of transportation, it seems the most efficient. I would not have to wait in traffic, find parking, or have road rage caused by my fellow drivers. All of which would minimize travel time and stress. I would also be saving the environment by not having to drive my air polluting car everywhere. However, I would have to agree that the downfall of flying would be that my hair would look like a tornado ripped through it when I arrive to my destination. Not to mention, if it rained, I would be absolutely soaked. I am not entirely sure how Superman can fly and still look so good. Then again, he is a fictional character who is an alien with short hair. Perhaps for good reasoning, super powers are left in the fictional world because I do have to admit that with the idea of flying, brings a few fears to mind. For instance, what if I accidentally fly into a bird? Is it an equivalent to road kill – sky kill, if you will? Or given that I am extremely clumsy and easily distracted, it would be probable that I would accidentally fly into a billboard or building quite a few times. Imagine the destruction one mere flying capable human could cause just because she accidentally got distracted by a cute puppy barking at her from the eleventh story window.