Anna Bielenka

Dubai, UAE

ComponoStrategia is a group of experienced risk managers, strategists and technologists working for the financial industry. We deliver winning solutions for your business, based on leading world analytics, with customer care from a dedicated team.
Explore our solution for Counterparty Credit Risk management - PrevioRisk (, which helps effectively handle your risks on all stages - from deal origination to regulatory reporting.
CCR Measurement:
• Add-on exposure calculation
• Monte Carlo simulations
• Future exposure profile and key metrics (EE, PFE, Max PFE, EPE, Effective EPE)
• Pre-deal manager covering 50+ products
• Incremental PFE and CVA for every new deal
• Collateral and netting
• Bilateral CVA, CVA greeks
• Market factor sensitivities
CCR Visualization:
• Interactive dashboards with drill-down by any chosen level
• Automated reports
CCR Communication:
• Stress testing
• Basel II/III CCR capital calculation
• CVA capital charge
• Workflow-based limit management
• Legal document management
• Convenient Web-based interface