Anna Bouchard

Anna Bouchard is the vocalist for Drowner, a band from Houston, Texas whose big, oceanic, atmospheric sound draws on influences as varied as shoegaze, post rock, noise pop and dream pop as well as bands like The Cure, R.E.M., My Bloody Valentine and Mogwai. Drowner also features Darren Emanuel on guitar/drums/keys and bass. The band’s debut E.P. is available everywhere great music is found: iTunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, Bandcamp, Spotify, eMusic and more. In late 2010, Anna and Darren began writing in their respective studios and sending demos and tracks back and forth via the internet. In January, recording began and continued into March. Drowner | E.P. was recorded and mixed in Darren’s Houston studio using a mix of both digital and analog recording techniques. The barn structure that houses the studio contributed a warmth that became part of the band’s sound as the songs developed. The guitars on E.P. are layer upon layer drenched in fuzzed out reverb and delay from an old Roland Space Echo. On tracks like “Point Dume” and “Wildflowers” Anna’s dramatic vocals are stacked up to 40 layers deep. The result is a sound that embodies the power of music to overwhelm and transcend. Drowner has also released a single and B-side titled Here//This, which can be found in the outlets mentioned above.