Anna-Louise Bradford

Student and Social Media Manager in England, United Kingdom

Anna-Louise Bradford

Student and Social Media Manager in England, United Kingdom

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Presenting a deck to the head of luxury who was SO scary (think white witch from Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe!) as well as all general managers in the luxe division in a board room. Around 25 people in total!


I think this pretty much applies to every aspect of my life. I'm always shooting for the stars and never really satisfied with the outcome unless I totally blow myself away. For example, I worked so hard to get into my first choice of university in the top 10 but ended up at my second choice in the top 15. Still an amazing university but I've never truly gotten over it. It also relates more to my personal life. My friends &family would agree I'm very hard to satisfy as I'm always striving for better. If I get a 68 on a project for instance, "what would have happened if I had pushed just that little bit more?" in designing/creating, I spend ages trying to perfect certain aspects but will then still remain unsatisfied by the outcome.


For sure, working at L’Oreal took a strong collaborative effort to be apart of a global & national team including my general manager, my line manager, national account managers & digital marketing manager all of which I worked extremely closely with to deliver relevant content, give insight & work together to assemble marketing proposals. Eg a giftset was organised with products from two brands. It was my job to gain approval from both brands, share both ideas and bring everything to the drawing board. The final outcome had to align with Harrods guidelines as well as both brand guidelines and signed off by all upper management.


Both at school & at work I try my upmost to demonstrate respect for everyone I may come into contact with as I truly believe that's what makes a good relationship. In teamwork, I listen to other peoples' ideas & value what they say, seeing it from their point of view. At work, I had to respect brand guidelines from both retailers as well as the guidelines for my own brand. My final outcome would respect all parties to my highest upmost.


I think the only way to answer this question is with my own blogpost link below! Staying optimistic got me the best internship of my life.

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