Anna Carter

Writer and Editor in Coventry, United Kingdom

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When I turned 18 , I left my tiny Portuguese village to embark on an improptu tour of Europe. The experience taught me three things. First, the world is huge, wonderful, and terrifying, and it ought to be written about. Second, rough living often makes for great creativity. Third, gentleness and goodwill are (almost) always responded in kind.

I study literature at Coventry University and work as a narrative director at Perceptions, and until recently, as lead editor for LambdaGeneration.

In the past I've been a translator for Iragination Publishing and Caravel Partners Ltd.

I also interviewed Dr. Dan Pinchbeck for Coventry Words magazine, a publication about literature.

Anna's Basket of Daisies is the site where I share my creative writing, and where I explore the applications of literature in real life.