Anna Chargin

Anna Chargin

Anna Chargin is a Silicon Valley Talent Strategist who is dedicated to helping people achieve greater success and happiness in their professional lives. She does this by helping them recognize and use their strengths and potential so they experience a meaningful career while making money.

Her expertise expanded from her own personal experiences of successfully overcoming obstacles and challenges in order to have a career that is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Her passion is to help others overcome their career challenges as they aspire to grow, learn, and evolve into living the vision they know deep inside their soul they are meant to have.

Prior to her career as a certified professional coach, Anna spent over twenty years as a corporate recruiter, corporate employment manager, and a workshop leader. Today Anna offers a range of programs and services - from individual coaching, to workshops and speaker engagements.

To contact Anna, please visit her website (coming soon) or contact her through the links below.

Love, Learn, Live!