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Anna Cherry

Madrid, Madrid

I'm an American living in Madrid, Spain. I spend my time here reading, with friends, eating, thinking about eating, and considering ways to legally extend my time in Europe. Sometimes I do yoga or try to learn salsa from YouTube tutorials in my apartment, which I share with three Spanish guys (actually one's from Colombia but has lived here for a while).

In recent years, I've acted as a liaison between editors and authors, evaluated manuscript submissions, co-edited and fact-checked articles, and generated ideas and book reviews during work for a national publication. I conducted research, assisted with preparation for and participation in events, and worked as a member of a team that organized an experts' forum featured on the publication's website. Currently I teach English, contribute to the online magazine, and co-organize a writers' group at The Toast Cafe.

  • Work
    • Conversation Assistant
  • Education
    • Westminster College