anna chikwe


Anna is first and foremost an Artist. Painting is something to which she has dedicated much of her life and her unwavering determination to express herself in this creative medium has been central to how she interacts with the world around her.

Anna's style can, at it's most basic, be described as 'without guile'. Her work consistently portrays the world she sees in a way that lacks artifice or deceit. Her self-portraits are the rawest expression of this. Covering a twelve-year period, they move from the young engui, through to confident student, to struggling artist, where frustration and pain combine with an almost primal determination to overcome. Nothing is left out.

Her abstracts are at once confused and bleak, while also visceral and engulfing at the same time. This duality gives her work the ability to hold the attention of the viewer and demands further analysis.

Most recently, it has been the natural world and landscapes that have caught Anna's imagination. Her paintings in this area have often been described like 'looking through a window' and it is the outdoors and the views of the Worcestershire countryside to which she returns again and again.

  • Education
    • Chelesa College of Art
    • Edgbaston High School
    • Byam Shaw