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Anna Sierra Mattos

Cancun, Mexico

My name is Anna Christina Sierra Mattos and I was born in Mountain View, California. My mother is American and father is Mexican. I have a bachelor´s degree in Psychology from Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) in Guadalajara,Mexico. After graduating, I moved to Cancun and became an English teacher. I had no experience and was petrified! I began as a fifth grade teacher and have completed my fifth year. I am always looking to improve as a professional and have taken several courses. I took a course on teaching elementary students in 2010 at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores del Caribe (ITESC) in Cancun, Mexico. In fall 2010 I traveled to Panama and attended several workshops on using technology in the curriculum. I immediately fell in love with this aspect of education. I had always said: “I will never be one of those techy people!” I just graduated from a Master of Arts in Educational Technology from Michigan State (MSU) Ironic … isnt’t it?

Mi nombre es Anna Christina Sierra Mattos. Nací el Mountain View, California. Mi madre es americana y mi papá es mexicano. Estudié la carrera de psicología en el Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) en Guadalajara, México. Después de graduarme, me mudé a Cancún para ser maestra de inglés de quinto grado. No tenía nada de experiencia y estaba aterrorizada! Fui maestra por 5 años. Siempre estoy buscando mejorar como profesional y he tomado varios cursos y diplomados. En el otoño de 2010 vaijé a Panamá a una conferencia (Tri-Association for American School in Mexico and Central America) en donde tomé talleres sobre el uso de la tecnología en el salón de clases. De inmediato quedé fascinada con este aspecto de la educación. Siempre dije: “Nunca seré una de esas personas super techies“ Me acabo de graduar de mi maestría en Tecnología Educativa de Michigan State (MSU). Irónico no?

  • Work
    • International American School of Cancun
  • Education
    • Master of Arts in Educational Technology