Anna De Nicola

Los Angeles

Anna De Nicola was born in Zürich, Switzerland. She grew up fluently speaking Italian, German, Swiss German and French.

She fell in love with the show business before she was even able to speak properly, always loving the attention; she took every occasion to perform in front of family and friends. Her interests beyond acting, include playing soccer, bareback riding and fire walking.

At the age of 12, she spent a Summer in a boarding school in London, where she learned to speak english fluently. She then learned to speak spanish, giving her the outstanding ability to fluently speak 6 languages before even graduating High School.

Anna knew she wanted to be in show business, nevertheless her parents insisted it’d be better for her to first finish School and if then still committed to her acting dream, pursue it.

However that didn’t stop her from starting to model at a very early age, and given her parents involvement in the fashion world (her mother is a fashion designer and her father owns a luxury swimwear brand,, she had the chance to travel all over the World for modeling jobs (some destinations include Panama, Ecuador, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, France, Italy, England, Thailand, Singapore, and the Middle East) and walked for several european runways.

Once she graduated, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting dream and attend the renowned Lee Strasberg Institute for Theatre and Film.

Since she’s been in Los Angeles, she’s worked on numerous Independent Films, many as a leading role. She’s now a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, and is currently working on the feature film Absolutely Modern in Los Angeles.