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Anna Dominique Reyes


Anna Dominique is too serious. Almost everybody calls me Nikki. I'd love hearing you call my name 'cause it's the sweetest music to my ears.

I seldom smile to strangers but you'll get crazy when you know me. I love making friends! Inspiring others through my thoughts, opinions, music, and writings are the things that make my heart happy. Knowing that I inspire other people through my blog posts makes me continue exploring more of what I can do and share it to everyone.

I'm quiet... quiet when I'm alone. But be ready to hear my loud and crazy voice when you had the chance to be with me.

I don't have to say details about me here. Know me and be crazy! Visit my blog sites at,, or

And oh! Don't be surprised if you'll see PINK all around. Obviously it's my favorite! If there's no pink, there's no Nikki.

Hope to hear from you! :*