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Anna Downie

Digital Strategist & Implementer in Silverdale, New Zealand

Anna Downie

Digital Strategist & Implementer in Silverdale, New Zealand

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I love helping business owners get their businesses performing well in all aspects of online business.

Spectra Online is a full spectrum business suite, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I work with businesses of all sizes.
I am known for my accessibility, my reliability and have been dubbed the 'Implementation Queen'.

Digital Strategy // Website Design + Development //​Design for Web + Print​ // Database & Social Media Marketing​ // SEO // Google + YouTube Advertising // Online Business Optimisation // Admin + Systems Implementation // CRM // Audio // Video


We are Digital Highway Builders – forging a path for your followers, community and target market so they can reach your business as their favoured and first point-of-call.

We connect the dots between technology and creativity and apply our skills to the digital areas of your business.

We are more than a one-stop-shop for digital strategy, we plan, guide and assist you in all facets of Online Business.

Our Digital Highways are fully loaded with automation, duplicity and functionality from the outset and throughout.

You have a business, you have a dream, an idea, a plan!

Every business owner needs a back-up dance crew, a crew that can keep the beat, stay on top of the technology and strategy in the fast paced online digital world and apply it to your business while you work on what you’re best at – We’re Your Crew!


Digital Marketing Strategy, Integrate Social Media with your website. Reach Out, Engage & Drive Traffic. FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & More


Become Responsive, Drive More Traffic, Boost Conversion, Database Capture and Maintain with Ease. Take Control. We Build, Maintain and Manage Websites.


(Client Relationship Management) Catch your target market. Manage your database. Market to them effectively. Automate & Integrate.


Re-Branding, Artwork Design, Print Design – Make your brand visible.


Having some ‘technical issues’? Don’t hurt your brain! give us a call or email and we’ll help you through it. We offer 1 on 1 how-to sessions and virtual video training on any technical process that’s giving you a headache. Get in touch for Support – We’re here to help.