Anna Figure Model

Hello! Thank you for visiting my webpage! I am a figure model based out of the Northwest.

Either at home in Seattle, or off traveling in another city, I am always looking for great sessions and/or great amazing people to work for.

Being a creative myself, I feel lucky to be able to support myself working in a field full of artists. I admire the courage, hard work and dedication it takes to perfect a craft, exicute a vision, or learn something new...and am happy and honored to be a part of that process.

I have a performance background. It shows in my work. I like to focus on creating moments. I imagine sceneries and senerios in my mind; vast starry skies or moments like sitting on a porch with a breeze, looking out onto the water, with cattails...My theory: the more specific, detailed and focused I am with my imagination, the more real the moment seems, and the more interesting the experience becomes to draw (paint, sculpt ect...)

I grew up playing competative soccer. On the soccer field I honed my strenghth and mental endurace abilities. I now use these skills to hold poses. ;)

I have been a professional figure model for seven years. Within that time, I have posed for multiple art schools, drawing/painting/sculpture sessions, and video game companies.

I hope this gives you just a little idea about who I am and what I do. If you are considering hiring me, and would like to view my RESUME please click here.

Please fell free to contact me for rates and bookings (contact info on resume). Excellent refferences upon request.