Anna Foley

State College, PA

I've always loved to write. While my childhood friends were playing soccer and going to ballet class, I was writing poems and stories about the secret lives of my pets. While my classmates moaned about essay assignments, I relished the opportunity to put my pen to paper.

So it's not surprising that I'm now pursing a career that centers on my favorite pasttime. When I was selecting a major during my first two years at Penn State University, I was quite indecisive. I flirted with careers in education, social services, and the arts. But the idea of spending my life writing always came back to me. I decided to follow my gut, and haven't looked back once.

Though I'm not a journalism major at Penn State, I believe that my major of Communication Arts & Sciences gives me the necessary skills to succeed in a field where communication is the name of the game. Additionally, my experiences blogging and writing for a political magazine have given me the opportunity to create a broad body of work. My days are now filled with writing blog posts, composing snarky tweets, and contributing to the fast-paced news cycle of today's world-- and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Education
    • Penn State University