Anna Green

Dedicated to your success, my goal is to provide a personal touch to meet your individual needs when it comes to real estate. Are you looking to buy or sell a property, invest in property? Are you seeking to increase your business production, set goals and implement an action plan? Do you want a resourceful partner to provide expertise and hold your hand throughout the process? As a real estate agent, professional business coach/mentor and co-host of the “Good News in Real Estate” weekly radio program, I have gained valuable experience that you can rely upon, and is my joy to share as we work together to achieve your goals. Guiding buyers/sellers and addressing real estate questions on the radio program keeps me on the cutting edge and up to date with events and trends in the real estate industry. My specialty however, is partnering with agents, business owners and business teams to offer training and expert advice to achieve dramatic improvement - much like an athletic coach helps an athlete work at his/her peak! When you are in my coach/mentoring program, we will talk on a regular basis. I'll help you take inventory, explore your strengths and areas for opportunity and equip you with techniques to establish a plan to achieve your short and long term goals. We'll focus on strategies to propel you forward and maximize your success! In 2007, I joined Keller Williams because of their philosophy of God, Family, and Business. Personally embracing that ordered way of living, serving God as my first priority followed by my family and finally my work has been the key to my success. Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year, my husband Frank, a Philadelphia Police Detective, and I have been blessed with 3 lovely daughters, Roseanne, Rebecca and Audrey and 2 great sons, Christopher and Jonathan and a wonderful son-in-law, Mike. As homeschooling parents for over 25 years, we have all learned many valuable lessons! The newest delight of our lives is our adorable grandson, Sloan, the star who lights up the room whenever we get together!