I Miss You

New Zealand




There's so much

I just wanna talk about
It sits up in my head locked away
So it won't run into my mouth
But every stranger I give in to
Every conversation on the phone
I just seem to let little things slip through
That I can't deal with on my own

Oh, like I miss you
Oh, I miss you
I'm keeping busy hanging 'round with other people
But they don't know how to mess around like we know
Oh, and I miss you
Oh, I miss you
Oh, I miss you

Well, there's that face and what
Oh, yeah, I've seen that look before
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you just turn around now
Keep walking on ahead of me
I don't wanna see your face no more
I'm so sick of all their straight lies
They circulate around my head
They distract me from important things
I should be thinking 'bout instead