Anna Hefko

Anna Hefko

My name is Anna Hefko.

I'm a recent Communication Studies grad within the College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota Twin-Cities. It's been within the heart of that university that I've gained such an appreciation for academia. There are endless areas of the academic world that I've had the opportunity to dip my toes in. From gender politics in the Pacific Islands to logic to marriage and family communication. It's a chapter of my life that allowed me a lot of personal and professional growth. As sad as I am for it to end, I'm more than excited to exploring my passions, creativity, and strengths in the professional world.

I'm co-president of the UMN TOMS Campus club where we host events for students while spreading the "One for One" movement. In doing this I've found my love for creating. Events are this beautiful exploration of team work. Whether they last one hour or an entire week, they take so much energy to create. What I love about that is that all of that energy goes into something so great. There's no better feeling than walking away from a successful event that you've had a part of creating.

Knowing that feeling, I'm hell-bent on finding the next project. I'm ready to hit the ground running.

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