Anna Higgins


Hi, my name's Anna. I'm a teenager from Ireland who spends her life on the internet, listening to music, reading, blogging, taking pictures, drawing, watching tv series, reading Kerrang! Magazine, writing, loving all things spooky/paranormal, fangirling and soaking up cool information like a sponge. Lover of all things spooky.

Music is more important than anything else for me, i would give up anything for it. I enjoy collecting CDs and vinyls to listen to. I listen to quite a few genres; rock, metal, indie, punk, hard rock, alternative rock, prog rock, heavy metal, indie, a little pop punk (we all need some in our lives, really), acoustic, blues, country, alternative, classic rock and a bit of rap. I blog quite a bit about my muisc and what im listening/have listened to. I go to plently of local gigs of bands which I have friends in and some big concerts too.

As I said I live in Ireland and love taking pictures of the beautiful landscape. I watch plenty of tv series and get emotionally attached to the characters. when I'm not reading or blogging (while simultainiouly listening to music) I am doing something artsy.