Anna Hinson

Anna Hinson

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Style Counsel is dedicated to assisting professionals in developing their personal brand. I am a speaker, conduct workshops, consult one-on-one and lead step-by-step programs to educate and encourage individuals seeking to create and maintain a competitive edge in the work market.

My focus is on the key elements of one’s personal brand and image: appearance; authentic personality (how people experience you); communication style and digital presence.

I take you step-by-step through the discovery of your authentic personality type (how do you energize?); personal style (clothing, grooming, business etiquette); communication style (how do you say what you mean?); and, fine-tune your digital presence through social media outlets to help you express your most authentic self in a package that delivers a consistent and powerful message -- that you are a valuable asset in all your professional and personal relationships.

As a marketing and branding director, sales and public relations professional, sales coach and business owner with over 25 years of experience in unique and high level business settings, I provide unique insight, lessons and advice with my counsel. My goal is to help you express your most confident authentic self.