Anna Hodge

Toledo, Ohio, United States

Anna M. Hodge… poet, jazz vocalist and now published author. Being a lover of Westerns, Musicals, Fairy Tales, Horses and freedom of expression, Marie was inspired to write what she describes as a ‘manuscript that embodies a spiritual journey taken by two university students, their opposing nature, lessons that both experience and how one realizes who she was trying to become, she was already… or was she?’

Anna is the second known black female published author hailing from Toledo, OH behind Mari Evans, a phenomenal writer in her own right. Naturally talented in the arts such as, sculpture, music (classical, jazz, blues and gospel) and currently pursuing a degree in Music Education at the University of Toledo, she looks toward the opportunity of instructing and inspiring Middle School students to pursue their goals.

Inner Mind pushes the boundaries of what one may consider to be fiction, fact, fantasy or truth…

  • Education
    • University of Toledo