Anna J Geeroms

Articulate, swear a lot, feminist, can't decide whether it is better to buy organic or local, runner, high arches, flexible, go to the chiropractor and take vitamins, independent, loyal, laugh a lot, generalist, can fix almost anything, often on the computer, love clothes, the contents of my cupboard on a typical day=black beans, whiskey, oodles of kinds of tea, nori, long grain brown rice, Mary's crackers, coconut milk, spelt bread, highlights of my fridge=butter, organic cheeses, cilantro, new potatoes, fresh mint, eggs, tofu, I'm capable of big gestures, but not a drama queen, loves family, sustains long-term friendships, introvert, distinct aesthetic, abhor bad shoes or bad furniture, can’t tolerate hard rock., love guitar solos in electro, big sister, good daughter, sews, collects family history, has a load of laundry that is all red and pink, loves to dance, can’t clap a beat, evil laugh, addictive personality, a hoot, narrow hips, resourceful, full of beans, penchant for minutia, stickler for commas, deep tissue massage, black-out curtains, winter blues, lots of plants, vegetarian so I can buy leather purses and shoes guilt free, thrift store shopper, shopper, recovering shopper, seafood conservationist so I can eat it, takes lots of pictures.