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Anna Karen Wellborn

Portland, Oregon, United States

A business associate with Hoodoo Antiques and Design, Anna Karen Wellborn handles numerous responsibilities for the Portland, Oregon, store. Located online at, her shop sells rugs, furnishings, and antiques going back more than 100 years. Along with assisting customers, she promotes the store and rents props to locally filmed productions. One of Anna Karen Wellborn's most important duties is finding new goods for the facility, and she regularly travels to barns, warehouses, industrial districts, and other places in central Oregon to find one-of-a-kind pieces.

Aside from her professional obligations, Wellborn is active in her Portland-area community. For several years, she walked animals and maintained the grounds of the local humane society. As a volunteer, she removed invasive ivy and other hazards from parks and trails throughout the region. Local events that benefited from her service include the Portland International Beer Fest, the Portland Blues Fest, and the Bend Brew Festival. An experienced cook who has made meals for up to 120 people, Anna Karen Wellborn created four-course meals for the Central Oregon Symphony throughout 2013. The following year, she further honored the arts community by judging the Central Oregon Songwriters Association's song-of-the-year contest.

  • Work
    • Hoodoo Antiques and Design
  • Education
    • Southern Oregon University