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Student in Denver, Colorado

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I am a business marketing graduate from the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado. My passion for marketing is telling the story of a brand, it’s helping to serve the community, and it’s finding the sweet spot at the intersection of technology and creativity. Marketing has given me my voice, and with enough grit, passion, and inspiration I can help you find your voice and tell your story – because we all have one.

My concentration in marketing is focused in advertising, marketing campaigns, and digital and social media marketing. This is the area that most of my work falls under, and truthfully, I think it is the best part of marketing. Putting all of the parts (goals, research, environmental analysis, strategy, tactics) into a whole (campaign, digital plan, branding) is what I love about marketing.

I am also interested in healthcare marketing. I was introduced to healthcare marketing when I was an intern with Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver, which is a part of SCL Health. I am actively keeping up to date with many healthcare topics including medical device news and innovations, healthcare policy, healthcare marketing strategies, and pharmaceutical news.

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