Anna Kirwan

Dublin, Ireland.

About me!

My name is Anna and I am a Fine Arts graduate that specialised in print making..many years ago!
Since then life and career have taken me in a different direction but I have never lost my interest and passion for all printed images. Art and visual images still rule my day!
I am a bit of a hoarder and have an original prints and artist’s posters collection that started about 5 years ago. This has grown so much that I share it via my etsy shop.
I am also a keen magpie for all things collectible and any kind of objet d’arts.
This blog is connected to my etsy shop in the way that I’d like to extend it to ramble/blog about all things arty and creative. Indeed any input or feedback will be more than welcome as it may inspire me to get creating again!
I’d like to share the romance of artist’s lives and the times that they lived in. We are all different so I’d like to share a diverse mix of musings so there may be something for everybody! I better get started then…