My name is Anna K-K ( if you haven't guessed) and I’m a Swedish/Croatian hybrid who's grown up in Australia. I’ve lived a few places in my life, including Sweden and Korea, and have always had an open mind when it came to new experiences. Growing up, my parents always prioritised travel and for me to learn through seeing new cultures and being exposed to different ways of life. I am not yet 20 but I’ve seen over 30 countries in my lifetime…and because of this I think I feel a deep frustration if I have to stay in one place too long. Therefore, I paused my studies, left my job and my friends, and moved back to my roots for a year in Stockholm, Sweden. So this is probably the Que for me to talk about wanderlust and how I’ ve found myself, but I promised myself I wouldn’t do that. In my blog I write about where I’ve travelled and the things I enjoyed doing in those places. I’ve had a lot of fun creating this blog and hope you as the reader enjoy it too. :)