Anna Kim

“Mix it all together and you know you get the best of both worlds!” This catchy phrase from the popular teen show, Hannah Montana summarizes my life. Diversity describes me because I live a multicultural life. Although my earliest memories date back to my 5-year-old days in Honolulu, Hawaii, I was born in Korea. Due to my father’s occupation, my family moved around approximately every four years. From Korea to Hawaii back to Korea and finally to Georgia, I struggled to find myself among the constantly changing environment. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, perfect weather and welcoming people, Hawaii was a true paradise. Although I was unaware of what a privilege it was to live in Hawaii at the moment, looking back, I cherish my childhood memories of riding horses along the beach, laughing at the numerous street performers on Waikiki Street as well as swimming with the colorful fish that Georgians can only see at the Georgia Aquarium. Moving back to Korea, I attended the last couple years of elementary school in Korea. Despite the completely new education system, culture and people, I also enjoyed my brief stay in Korea. Due to the smaller geography of Korea where everything was nearby and the advanced public transportation, I bonded with friends through several spontaneous outings. When I finally moved to Georgia, the diversity that had already become a part of me set me aside from the classic southerners who have lived in the same suburban city their whole lives. The lack of diversity in Georgia stalled my adjustment, but now, I have adapted to the “y’all,” sweet tea and Chik-fil-A for lunch, and late night Waffle House adventures. However, I have adapted only 60%, because I came to the conclusion that my indigenous Asian origins also play a major role in who I am. The ratio of each culture alters from time to time, but I know that I "mixed it all together and I know I got the best of both worlds!"