Anna Kornakiewicz

Warsaw, Poland

I am a young M.D.with interdisciplinary research background and want to contribute to open health and innovation in medicine. I want to act in the area of mobile health, medical startups and healthcare market design. I am passionate about data exploration, pattern recognition and multidimensional data processing in biomedicine and collaborate in projects connected with those fields. What is more I'm engaged in gifted education in medicine.

I am fascinated with mechanisms and machines - from watches and trains to elucidation of the mechanisms of action of drugs. I see medicine – as ‘information science and art of healing’ and interdisciplinary research in medicine gives me a unique opportunity to merge multiple interest in one clear idea. Complex approach in medicine encompasses engineering and artistic thinking and complexity of simplification and makes medicine is some kind of antikythera mechanism which I would like to get to now, test in all dimensions and fascinate with. That is why I develop complex model to understand evolution of cancer resistance for angiogenic therapy.

I love dreaming, symbolism and metaphors and also surrealist art. I am 'impressionist' and I have childish joy of getting to know something new, that is why my inspirations which help me to understand my research question range from acoustics through game theory to quantum information.

I combine high level of abstraction with structure. I am idealist but do not avoid law, economy analysis of problems and business approach. I love applications and actions, not only dreams, but dreams with application, even those the most abstract. Two of them is to transfer some ideas from engineering part of economy to healthcare market design to help resolve optimal allocation problem of lacking resources and make medical education more creative.

Other things to say: I am fascinated with victorian times. I like to wear dresses and high- heeled shoes – this is also a way to express my imaginary and give deeper meaning even casual things. I like writing and dancing. I admire stars. I do a lot of traveling to get impression of the world.

  • Work
    • The Military Institute of Medicine
  • Education
    • The Medical University of Warsaw
    • Collegium Invisible,