Anna-Katharina Rigby

I've been seizing the day, exploring the world and learning from my surroundings for 25+ years now and have no intention to stop whatsoever. I'm here to learn, to teach, to listen, to speak.

Happenstance (fate?) brought me to Portland, OR, which I now call my home. Born and raised in Germany, I can't dance well, sound angry when I speak in my mother tongue and absolutely insist on celebrating Christmas on the 24th instead of the 25th. It makes me extremely happy when things are done efficiently and on time, when people trust my reliability and value my straightforwardness. I'm a plant that thrives in high-pressure environments - just like any other plant, I just need to see some sunlight from time to time. A geek in disguise, I love playing co-op board games and consider the release of Diablo III as one of my personal highlights this year.