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Anna Kuriakose

Web. Mobile. Data.

Professional synopsis: CPO at JustGiving, the world's biggest giving platform. I build great teams that build great products. Ex Skype, AlertMe, Monitise.

My passion is building consumer web/mobile social products which use big data tools and techniques to build engagement and personalisation. At JustGiving, 21 million users have given £1.5billion to causes they care about. We are now working on taking this to a whole new level of exponential impact - to genuinely grow the world of giving.

Personal: Hitting 30 brought the realisation that I am just as interesting or uninteresting as the other millions like me. So, I happily boast the usual interests of a digital-native and 'global citizen': books, arts & theatre, travel, fascination with ideas, love of social enterprises, philosophy...among others. I live in, and love, London - while remembering fondly the other cities I have lived in. I like passionate debates and 'quiet enthusiasms' alike, and enjoy places of random discoveries, like Quora.