Annalie Demetila

Davao City, Philippines

They call me Ann, undeniebly, derived from my first name. I was born on August18, and I am 23 years young. Currently unto an online job on Accounting/Bookeeping (Quickbooks).

I was born @Guihing, Philippines and with a twin a brother named Adrian . I don't look like him just to give you an idea ( I hate them telling me, we look the same. It sounded like I look like a boy). But nevertheless, we share common interests; sports, hobbies, values: Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Other stuff I love includes :

Graphic Design - I just love playing those effects on Adobe Photoshop



Arts and fashion Stuff

Singing & Dancing (this probably our (twin) greatest contrast, LOL)

Adventures! , slightly extreme (far from conventional)

People who know me less might find me unapproachable. But good friends does the contrary. Maybe because I am not that open to those I don't mostly go along with. But don't get me wrong, I don't choose friendz, I can be anybody's friend. I listen more than I share. That maybe is the reason why, they tagged me snob at times, 'coz I don't much share thoughts with people not too close to my heart ( sounds cheezy?, but it does) . I'm skeptic ,too - one of the qualities that may have been a great use for pursuing my career as an Accountant. I am not yet a CERTIFIED one, but, on the process. Currently, I'm taking my review for a CPA board. And I am looking forward for the success of this endeavor.

Sharin my web @

  • Work
    • MLV Business Technology Group, In (Online Service)
  • Education
    • Bs in Accountancy