Annaliese Morgan

Los Angeles California.

For more than 20 years Annaliese has been an expert and leader in the world of pets and pet ownership. Originally training as a veterinary nurse, Annaliese became within the top veterinary nurses in the UK, managed multiple veterinary practices and trained many nurses, her clinical passions included anaesthesia, radiology and dental care/surgery.After 15 years in veterinary practice she hung up her scrub suit to set about delivering her own style of pet care to owners by creating a unique pet health spa which she subsequently sold after five years to concentrate on her writing, and new ventures to continue her path of modern and sophisticated professional pet care.She was first asked to co-write an anaesthesia chapter in 2003 and now has many published blogs, articles and six books to her name across the UK, USA and Australia. These include four veterinary text books, two pet care book for owners, her series of inspiring vignettes The Written Albums and, her life blog The Annaliese Journals.As well as having been Argos’ resident pet care author, ghost writing for pet companies both in the UK and the USA, her veterinary and pet knowledge is poured into helping and advising pet owners through her own books and work, by pet publications such as The American Pet Magazine and her non-script TV projects.Receiving two national awards for her work, one of which was specially created for her and presented at The House of Lords by Paralympian Natasha Baker for her inspiration and innovation, Annaliese has hosted her own pet care radio shows based in Florida, appeared on BBC radio and at multiple book signings in stores such as Waterstones.Authentic, inspirational and funny, Annaliese has led a challenging life, learning to walk after a serious accident, living as a single parent, and then sharing her astounding journey via her journals. Her passions include creativity, inspirational writing, world culture and travel. She has a keen interest and love of the ocean and marine life – particularly turtles!She has appeared in the local and national media several times…come and join her supportive following across the UK and California, USA!