Annalisa Adams-Qualtiere

Leadership Development, Executive Coach, and Talent Management in San Jose, California

Annalisa Adams-Qualtiere

Leadership Development, Executive Coach, and Talent Management in San Jose, California

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Thanks for stopping by; you must be interested (or at least curious)

I'm what they call a talent management professional. I've held key Senior Leadership roles Jabil, REDF, HP, ADP, PwC and AAA. As you can see I have a thing for acronyms- ha!

I've held strategic business partner roles at small, medium, and national organizations, so I know a little something. Check my LinkedIn profile to stay up-to-date my professional wanderings.

Now on to some cool stuff:

In 2016 I'm on the road speaking at top industry HR/Learning and Development conferences. I was on the conference speaking circuit 2008-2010, then took a break. The return to conference speaking is nice in that I love sharing best practices.

In 2012 I was an Top 100 Women of Influence in Silicon Valley--not bad.

In 2010 I created a nationwide internet radio program: Take-A-Lesson—Uncovering Hidden Mentors for Diverse Leaders. The program highlights corporate & non-profit executives, entrepreneurs, activist, & academics, who connect with the listening to share their leadership journey: trials & tripping points. The show has had prestigious speakers from Fortune 500 companies, willing to give back altruistically to the audience. Check the archives and take-a-lesson.

In 2008 I created, researched, designed, developed, and deployed a pretty cool program for diverse leaders called the African American Leadership Program. It was launched while I was at AAA, and get this, it turned out to be the critical component leading to the organization receiving a Diversity Best Practice award AND the program was featured in the inaugural issue of Diversity Executive Magazine in 2008. Very cool!

More cool stuff: I'm intensely interested in our community and those who are differently-able sitting on the Board of Directors at ACT for Mental Health a 50-year California non-profit serving the needs of the low income families to provide much needed services and other NPOs. Please support this organization!

My passion is helping leaders and I accomplish this through coaching & leadership development. I have a reputation for building trusted relationships.

Enough said. Ciao.