Annalisa Gennaro

Digital Marketing in Novara, Italia

Annalisa Gennaro

Digital Marketing in Novara, Italia

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I am passionate about modal adverbs, white flowers, vintage furniture and IKEA ideas. I love white, books and the North Sea. I love cooking, but only during the weekends. I'd live in the Netherlands, I drink [probably] too much beer and lose myself in the jasmine perfume on my tiny balcony in the evenings of June...

I live for the #littlethings, for beauty that enhances everyday life.


My job? Digital communication for the industrial Italian manufacturing.

* Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

* Ability in establishing productive work relationships.

*Ability in finding liaisons between elements to compose a coherent scenery.

* Sensibility in individuating the potential in the human resources to work with.

* Adaptive and comfortable with team work.

* Comprehension of the opportunities that the new communication panorama offers.


Work in an open-minded environment with great human potential. Learn something new every single day. Feel stimulated. Be happy to go to work and feed my passions.

Live in a multicultural and multilingual company, so to keep the momentum always high.


It's a beautiful day
Sky falls, you feel like
It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away

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