Annalisa Rivera

Artist and Consultant in New York

Annalisa Rivera

Artist and Consultant in New York

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I help the helpers communicate.

I am passionate about assisting individuals and small/medium-sized organizations, especially those who assist underserved communities to reach out through technology, not for sheer numbers, but meaningful connections. My background lies in psychology, computer science, and holistic health as well as industry experience in marketing, graphic design, health care, small scale event design and nonprofits.

As a telecommuting consultant, I offer a fusion of skills in layout, graphic design, psychology, marketing, and teach others how to communicate their message. My specialty is consulting with those in the helping and healing professions find their visual voice to reach people in underserved communities through web page design, social media and more. I love tutoring people in online essentials, as well as leveraging the power of media and storytelling to have a lasting impact.

My certifications include:
Social media - experienced in most networks plus a variety of tools such as Hootsuite, Planoly, Lumen5, Ripl, Canva

Accessibility for Content Contributors and Designers

Customer assistance

Photoshop - with additional experience in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Spark and more

Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher with a concentration in energy medicine, meditation, basic Ayurveda and culinary herbalism - food for health.

As a traditional multimedium artist, I create a variety of arts and crafts, but have a specialty in portrait paintings from your favorite photographs, especially for cosplayers, performers and other costumed folks. I invite you to contact me on my official website, Dabblers Corner, where you can view my art portfolio, learn more about requesting a commissioned work, and shop for decor and home goods with reprints of my art.

  • Education
    • B.A. in Psychology, College of Mount Saint Vincent
    • Certified in Social Media and Customer Service
    • Certified Holistic Health Consultant, Reiki Blessings Academy