Annalise Celano

According to the StrengthsQuest Assessment, my top five strengths are restorative, achiever, focus, individualization, and learner. All five traits accurately describe myself and my drive. The restorative strength and reasoning for it were spot on for my personality. I have always loved helping others through their struggles and problems, which motivated my dedication toward becoming a trauma surgeon. Although in a different sense, I love enabling others to overcome their struggles, and for myself, I gain a sense of worth and accomplishment in doing so. This fires my dedication to solve problems I face academically along with the willpower to never give up when faced with an obstacle. With my restorative strengths, I hope I can truly make a difference in the world.

The Curriculum Plan activities was a very helpful assignment where I planned out my courses for the next three semesters. In doing so, it enabled me to better understand the course load I will be taking on as a Health Promotion, Nutrition, and Exercise Science major with Pre-med courses. This will greatly help me while scheduling, since it is largely an independent process in college, I now have a good idea of what courses to look for and how to approach them. Although subject to move around, I know which courses I have to take and when it is recommended to take them. This assignment was very beneficial to freshman preparing for their second semester in their intended majors.

Lessons from a First-Year Buckeye was a fun reflection paper. The lessons that I shared consisted of time management, studying in advance, challenging yourself (but not too much), and of course having fun (once again, but not too much). With these lessons, I could reflect upon my first semester of college that absolutely flew by with lightning speed. Within the lessons, my struggles, successes, adventures, and life in college are shared a bit, which was an enjoyable reflection to cap off the semester. If I were to give advise to incoming freshman, these are the lessons that I would share with them to better prepare, reinforce, and encourage them. For myself, I will use these lessons as I continue on in college to better succeed.